When cash was King by Lisa O’Neill
Live in Brooklyn 4/28/23
filmed by Patrick Glennon

Here is a little ‘ trutheen ‘ when cash was King.
I was recently in London and I couldn’t buy a coffee with the 20 pound note I’d earned on a record sale the night before.
In fact, I couldn’t buy anything in London with my £20 cash in the days following either.
The big cities are going like this .
It dawned on me that if a person is without a bank account or a mobile phone in the large cities today then they are at a huge disadvantage and sometimes unable to purchase basic essentials like food and water.

Is this change short sighted and necessary ? Will a cashless society cause an even greater divide among humanity ?

trutheen means ‘ little truth ‘ and I wanted to release this on the cusp of such a change hence it is a trutheen and not a fully fledged song.

I asked my friend Patrick Glennon to document this performance in Brooklyn last week.
Thank you Patrick and thank you to everyone who’s come along to our shows so far in the US .
We are having a grand old time .